The Story

At 2:20 in the morning on November 5th, 2016 Jarrod Ean-Dixon was shot four times in his abdomen, at close range. The shooting occurred in Manchester NH as the result of an argument that started over a flag. Offended by the porcupine used on the Free State Project‘s flag, the gunman became aggressive both verbally and physically until ultimately he drew a gun and pulled the trigger four times. 

We live in a world where our ideas are enough to provoke attack. A world where a symbol is met with gunshots and ideology is more visceral than human connection. The flag that sparked the attack was in the style of the traditional Gadsden flag of 1775. The original rattlesnake mascot was replaced with a porcupine above the words “Don’t Tread on Me”. Rattlesnakes strike out, the porcupine is docile and non threatening unless it is defending itself. The change represents a particular  evolution of philosophy regarding the path to liberty in our lifetimes; the ideal being revolutionary non-violent change and community action. 

The morning he got shot was scary. We didn’t know if he was going to make it through surgery or not. The medical staff didn’t invoke a lot of optimism by their demeanor. We held our collective breaths. A group of his friends with his mother, brother, and son, sat for hours in that hospital waiting room not knowing if this person we loved would live or not. Literal hell.

Links are provided in the sidebar to media coverage of the story if you would like more details. 

You can also read the official police report HERE

Who is Jarrod?

Jarrod is a 36 year old father of three beautiful children ranging in ages from four to fifteen years old. His oldest son was with him that night. It happened right in front of him. Damage from this attack goes far beyond the physical. Jarrod’s family too will need time to heal. 

A college graduate with multiple degrees, Jarrod has been an active member in the liberty community in New Hampshire since 2008. He has volunteered many times at different events such as Liberty Forum and Porcfest as well as multiple political campaigns for candidates that seek to uphold the values of liberty. Where he really shines however, is on the individual level. Those who know him can attest to his easy going and fun loving demeanor; compassionate and adventurous spirit; his strong sense of loyalty and community.  He’s the guy that will help you if he can. Whether that be by helping a you move furniture, lending you 5 bucks until payday, or just making you laugh.  His humor and passion in conversation is contagious and he can really tie a room together, dude. 

What's Next?

True to his nature Jarrod took recovery as a challenge. He is healing well considering his grave injuries.  Despite his progress he still has a long way to go. There will be some longer term care and monitoring required as he continues to recover.  After being discharged from the hospital he will be restricted in what he will be able to do for activities until he is fully healed. 

Medical expenses are piling up and legal fees are looming. More immediate than that are the day to day needs that are a struggle to meet right now. The expenses of daily life and family cannot be put on pause because one is unable to work. As recovery might be lengthy and during that process Jarrod will be extremely limited as far as what he can do for work and income.

How can I help?

This page was set up in order to provide a means for anyone who would like to help Jarrod to be able to do so easily. There are a few different things you can do if you want to pitch in.

  • Make a donation. This is the most direct route and every little bit helps. 
  • Share this page.  Help get the word out to others who might want to donate. 
  • Subscribe. We will post important updates on Jarrod and his case as they come available. There are likely to be opportunities to show support with your presence and voice.
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Free State Project Flag

The image used on the Free State Project’s flag, which was reported to have been what triggered the argument resulting in Jarrod’s shooting.